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Close to Home. Not in Your Home. Working alone often results in loneliness, distractions that reduce productivity, bad work habits and possibly marriage counseling. As technology enables work to encroach on your life, it’s important to maintain a work/life separation, “Close to Home, Not in Your Home” creates that separation.

Driven By Sustainability. Long commutes are unhealthy, decrease employee retention, and do harm to our environment. Putting workspaces in the suburbs, and closer to YOU, supports our mission of reducing the carbon footprint of our members by ONE BILLION commuting miles a year.

Be a Coworker, Not a “Coffeeshopper.” You’re a mobile worker. You’ve discovered career freedom – with your laptop and phone you can work from anywhere. So stop competing for an open outlet at the local coffee shop. For the cost of a latte and a pastry per day, you could be working out of a space thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of mobile workers and their clients. It’s time to “level up” and graduate from the coffee shop.

Check out this great video about coworking from Turnstone!


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